Spring/Summer 2015 Issue

Devotion Girl: Read the featured article about a young, Christian actress named Brianna Cantu. Also, read about how to deal with a liar, understand the fullness of the word charity, and learn why people's hearts get disgustingly fat with ignorance.

Devotion Woman: Read articles about women who have made mistakes with men, find out why you might want to wear a headcovering, and the featured article on why the "legalistic" doctrine is leading people astray. Also, discover what it really means to be a keeper at home.

70 pgs. 15.12 mb

Please be advised: Devotion Magazine is a two-sided magazine. Devotion Woman side is upside down. Therefore, you will need to lock your handheld device to turn it around to read the opposite side or on your computer, flip the pages around in Adobe Reader.

Latest Update 4/30/2015: A referred website link removed, 6/22/2015: Security patch, Widow reference update

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